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Nevada Orthopedic & Spine Center has board certified and and fellowship trained orthopedic surgeons that focus on a wide range of specialties to fit the patient's individual needs.  We serve patients at two locations in Southern Nevada.

Edward S. Ashman, M.D.

Bradley S. Baker, M.D.

Michael S. Bradford, M.D.

Holman Chan, M.D.

Ronald W. Hillock, M.D.

John J. Kastrup, M.D.

Thomas C. Kim, M.D.

Aaron McCook, PA-C

Patrick S. McNulty, M.D.

Dena Meeter, APRN

Gary D. Morris, M.D.

Russell T. Nevins, M.D.

Deanna Rechtzigel, APRN

Reynold L. Rimoldi, M.D.

Kevin R. Sharif, M.D.

Walter J. Song, M.D.

Arthur J. Taylor, M.D.

Michael D. Thomas, M.D.

Thomas L. Vater, D.O.

Conrad O. Yu, M.D.

Jay Zurfluh, PA-C