Katy’s Story

Problem: Hip Impingement
Result: Strong support throughout her care journey

Katy is a young, vibrant woman who struggles to stay active and pain-free while suffering from a hip impingement, or ‘bumping,’ that prevents the smooth movement of her ball-and-socket joint.  She knows that surgery is likely in her future, but for now and for several reasons, including her job as a bartender, she has chosen another option.

Katy is a patient of Dr. John Kastrup and over the course of seven years they have developed a pain management and physical therapy program that keeps her as comfortable as possible, on her feet and away from the operating room. “I love my job but it’s physically demanding. Long hours, running, on my feet,” Katy said. “Dr. Kastrup and I are always figuring out ways to allow me to continue the active work I love.”

Katy refers to her ongoing treatment as a journey and along this journey a strong rapport has developed. “Dr. Kastrup has always cared about helping me find a way through this. One time I broke down during an exam. I completely lost it. But Dr. Kastrup made me feel completely validated and understood the emotional aspect of this.”

While Katy’s medical future may be uncertain, she is certain that she wants her doctor by her side. “I want him to be my main man going forward. Trust is a huge part of all this and he’s earned mine. In deciding a future course of treatment, I know my voice will be heard.”

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