Nikki’s Story

Problem: Sidelined from sports activities due to pain
Result: Back on the field pain-free

As an avid sports player, Nikki found herself with consistent injuries throughout her childhood. Because of this, she also found herself meeting with doctors on a normal basis, discussing new treatments, surgeries, and recovery times.

As a left-handed player of sports, Nikki’s injuries tended to be on her left side, including her shoulder, wrist, and hand. Because of the pain, she was sidelined in a lot of her sports activities and found school work to be difficult to accomplish. However, Nikki trained herself to become ambidextrous and use her right hand for a fair amount of things. Although this was a temporary solution, having normal use of her left side was the end goal. 

At the age of 12, Nikki dealt with a very severe wrist injury on her left side for nine months. During this time, she received less than stellar treatment, and a decision was made to transfer her to the care of Dr. Conrad Yu, M.D.

After seeing Dr. Yu, both Nikki and her mother felt at ease. Of her meetings she says, “time was spent in each appointment to listen to my mom’s and my concerns and questions,” adding that, “we never felt rushed or minimized.”

Later, Nikki dislocated her shoulder, with the labrum being almost completely separated from the rest of her shoulder structure. In addition, her tendons were torn, thus causing severe pain with any movement. After nearly three hours in surgery with Dr. Yu, Nikki was off to recover, feeling drained from the entire process.

While the surgery was aggressive in length and nature, Nikki says that Dr. Yu was absolutely the best choice for her. “Doctor Yu has been the most humble, knowledgeable, reassuring doctor I’ve had the honor to consult with,” she says. “He actually cares how you’d like to handle your physical hindrance…He is your best option.”

As for Nikki’s recovery, she’s back to feeling “better than imagined.” She’s still very successful in athletics, as well as everyday tasks, and continues to make strides in her recovery. When asked if she would recommend anyone to Dr. Yu, she said, “absolutely…I have already done so and will continue to recommend Dr. Yu.”

Nikki - patient

Nikki - patient