Pam’s Story

Problem: Damage to foot and ankle from a fall
Result: Helping her through every step of her care journey

Pam lived an active lifestyle as a 44 year old school bus driver and owner of multiple beloved Australian Shepherds, but a fall from atop a ladder in late November of 2002 nearly sidelined her for life. What was typically the happiest time of year turned into emergency surgery and fear of the unknown, until Gary D. Morris, M.D. , stepped in to help.

As Pam was putting up Christmas lights, she took a fall and damaged her foot and ankle. After having emergency surgery, Pam was told that she could potentially lose her foot due to extent of the injury. As she states, it was “like taking a hammer to a crouton.” However, Dr. Morris stepped in after the surgery and explained that he would do everything that he possibly could to save her foot and get her back to being active as soon as possible.

After two surgeries, with one being a bone fixation on the outside of her ankle, Pam learned that the initial emergency surgery had caused the top part of her foot to effectively die, causing severe wounds. Dr. Morris sent her to a hyperbaric chamber and suggested maggot therapy. Both treatments proved successful, and prevented Pam from further damage to her foot.

While the surgeries, 10 total, were tough on Pam’s lifestyle, she thanks Dr. Morris for helping her through every step. “Dr. Morris is my hero,” she says. “Because of him I have a right foot today. Not only is he one of the best doctors ever, but he has the best bedside manner.” As the years passed, Pam even saw Dr. Morris for replacements on both knees, and states that “it’s the best thing I could have ever had done.”

Today, Pam is back to giving her love and affection to her dogs, and recently retired after briefly returning to work. She says that the 8 months of recovery were a bit of a fog, but that not once did Dr. Morris, or his staff give up. “Dr. Morris’ staff are all very nice and their jobs great,” she says. Even adding that some of his staff members are really friends for life!