Medical-Legal Services

Orthopedic surgeons are often on the front line of litigation as a significant number of workers’ compensation, personal injury, and medical liability cases involve musculoskeletal complaints. Nevada Orthopedic & Spine Center has a dedicated Medical-Legal Services department to meet your needs. This department is available for all attorney communication.

We Accept

  • Non-Clinical Service Requests
  • Products Liability Cases
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents Liens
  • Premise Liability Cases


All requests from attorneys must be made in writing, including requests for record and billing information. Please allow 10-14 business days for our Medical-Legal Services Department to accommodate your request.


To schedule a medical-legal appointment with our practice, please contact (702) 258-3748 or fax (702) 258-5530.

Records Request Forms and Reference

Medical-Legal Personal Health Information Request Policies and Procedures

Medical Record Release / En Español

Patient Request to Amend Protected Health Information

Contact Medical-Legal Services

Appointment, Billing and Reduction Requests
P: (702) 258-3748  F: (702) 258-5530

Medical-Legal Record Requests
P: (702) 258-3717  F: (702) 258-3779

Workers’ Compensation Record Requests and Appointments
P: (702) 258-3744  F: (702) 258-3785

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