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With contact sports comes a higher risk for athletic injuries, such as tearing the ACL. An anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury is when a tear occurs in the knee ligaments that join the upper and lower leg bones. The injuries can vary from small tears to severe tears.

What Causes ACL Injuries?

ACL injuries most commonly occur during sports. Any contact that causes the knee joint to bend backwards, twist or bend from side to side can cause ACL injury. Some examples of situations that could potentially cause an injury to the ACL include:

  • Getting hit hard on the side of the knee during a football tackle.
  • Overextending the knee joint while running.
  • Stopping abruptly while running.
  • Changing direction while running or landing from a jump.

How Do I know If I Tore My ACL?

Though the symptoms vary based on how severe the injury is, there are specific symptoms that occur with any ACL injury. Often times, there will be a “popping” sound when the injury occurs. Pain and knee swelling within six hours of injury are also common with ACL injuries.

Treating An ACL Injury

An ACL injury doesn’t mean your sports career is over. In order to reduce the chance of permanent damage, the most common first aid technique is the RICE method.

  • Rest the knee.
  • Ice the knee.
  • Compress the knee with elastic bandage.
  • Elevate the leg above your heart to reduce swelling.

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